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Angela Grace Design_Interior Design_San Francisco, CA

Our work is an edited approach to California casual—collected and cohesive with a natural feel.


Our team works with clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to create spaces they love coming home to. We pride ourselves on offering a client experience that is as seamless and joyful as the environments we design.

Angela Grace Design_Interior Design_San Francisco, CA

Angela Scaletta


Angela’s work is a culmination and embodiment of her experiences with home and design. Raised in the Bay Area, Angela’s parents exposed her to art and diverse cultural influences from a young age. Before she founded her namesake studio, she spent years on the practical side of design, honing her skills as a buyer and merchandiser for a major retailer. When she and her husband bought their first home in 2015, she found that curating the elements of a beautiful and functional home was the most fulfilling thing she had done yet, and soon, she was designing homes for clients at a boutique design firm while studying her newfound craft. Now, Angela has spent more than ten years cultivating her aesthetic and process in the home design space. In 2017, she opened her own studio, and has since helped countless clients create homes that reflect and enhance their unique lifestyles.


"Angela transformed my San Francisco space from a house to a home. This was my first time working with a designer and the process couldn't have gone better. There were some rooms where I had an idea of what I wanted, Angela listened and worked with me to refine that vision beyond what was in my imagination. For other rooms, I wasn't sure what I wanted so Angela took a consultative approach to help me blend aesthetic with function. The end result was a dream, I simply love my home. I feel at peace here and genuinely admire her work long after the finishing touches were applied, not to mention the endless compliments I get when I entertain guests. I am looking forward to my next project with Angela in the future."

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